12 Week Certificate Program

The Speech and Debate Bootcamp is a 12 week course that runs twice a year- beginning Fall and Winter. This intensive immersion program is designed for 5th grade students that wish to enhance their public speaking abilities. Most students that have familiarized themselves with the Speech and Debate community are aware that this is an activity that typically caters to students in the 6th grade and above. We have realized that it is imperative for EVERY student to not only participate, but be prepared for the exciting yet challenging seasons to come. Years of development have went into creating this course that will turn your child into a public speaking mastermind and WE CAN'T WAIT to show it to you! 

The course is split into 12 Programs, each Program will focus on the key aspects needed to become the most successful in Speech and Debate. After years in the field, we have realized that this activity it is NOT about winning, but we want to make your child prepared for success by embracing the characteristics (that are typically overlooked) for and by Speech and Debate. 


Just some of the things that this course covers:

  • A thorough introduction to Speech and Debate .
  • How to successfully choose categories and pieces suitable to each individuals style to make them most successful.
  • Learning how to critique fellow peers in speech for maximum success.
  • Wonderful examples with Guest performances.
  • How to maximize Healthy living for Students (Physical, Mental and nutritional)
  • Preparation for future Speech and Debate season. 
  • An opportunity to be judged by Speech professionals.
  • Copies of all useful materials for future seasons.
  • An opportunity to perform pieces in front friends, family and community 
  • Ways to capitalize on not just becoming a great speaker but a great addition to society.

Structure of each week:

This is indeed more than just a course , this is an opportunity for children to find and perfect the best version of themselves, living snd breathing Speech and Debate. Each week will consist of a 5 Assignments designated below:

Act: One day a week, children will be given an assignment to do something that they can reflect on which will ultimately make them a better person. Assignments are meant to be done during the week they are given.

Reflect: One day a week, children will be given a reflection project for the week to reflect on the Act assignment for the week.

Come: Meeting day! Once a week during our 12 week course, the teacher and children will meet for 1 hour after school (unless designated week is a field trip or volunteer opportunity.) to put into practice the lessons they’ve learned throughout the week.

Soak: Every week students will be given materials that focus on a variety of topics pertinent to Speech and Debate, this is a wonderful time during the week to sit down and soak up some valuable information. 

Play: Homework? Not today. Everyone needs a break. This is your day to sit, relax and have fun Suggestions on what to do will come. 



During weeks 5 and 11, students will have the opportunity to be evaluated on their performance. By the end of the entire course parents and children will have the chance to see their improvements through tailored critique practices. 



Upon completion of course, each child will receive a certificate for the completion of the course. Ceremony will take place during the final meeting day of the 12 week course.