What ever happened to External Curriculum Marketing?

One day, a good friend of mine whose an administrator at a local school asked me a question. The question was, "how can I transfer my students into well rounded individuals?" A question that I can see any principal, teacher etc. struggling with as an array of class choices are dwindling by the year.


My Response.


"Bring back External Curriculum Marketing (ECM)!"


What is ECM? ECM is a unique form of marketing that brings interested parents into your school during enrollment peaks and well rounded students leaving after graduation. It's the Idea of bringing outside workshops into the school during the day to teach things that you don't have the budget to pay a teacher for to teach full-time. Utilizing this method ensures that students learn material that you intend for them to absorb while saving cash to make lunch a bit more nutritious.


I know, your next question involves asking how to find companies that are predicated on this type of work. Look around, there are a plethora of companies looking to come into your school to teach your children chess, dance, robotics etc. My personal favorite is Forensics Forever, working with elementary schools and orgs. to teach children the basics of Speech and Debate. Public speaking is extraordinarily valuable to children and if you're a principal, it is imperative to implement workshops of this nature into your school.


Did this article answer any questions for you? Is this something you'd like to implement more of into your school? Shoot me an email, I'd love to answer questions or help you find a great EC program for your school!


Have a wonderful day!


Dontae Hill