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Welcome Forensicators!

It pleases me that you have taken the time to check out our site. If you haven't noticed yet, we are adamant about bringing the best out of students utilizing methods destined to make them exceptional human beings. We can't stress enough how low 'winning' is on our lists because we know that if you can succeed in other (more important) areas of your life, all of the accolades of which you've dreamed of will come naturally. None of that can finish without a proper start which is why we have created a few steps that we think you may want to consider as you partake in this journey. 

Step 1: sign up for our E-mail list

It's best to just get the quick steps out of the way. Staying up to date on our awesome activities will not only place you first in line for anything that we have to offer but it will become a constant reminder that you are destined for greatness and reminding you of that will make this little course that we call life a bit much easier. 


Step 2: Read, Read, read...

It is evident that reading has been a large contribution to some of the most successful individuals to date and that includes some of the successful past Forensicators you may know, Including Oprah Winfrey, Kelsey Grammar, and Jim Belushi. Waste no more time, be like the greats and READ. It's understood that all humans aren't the same, some read their books on paper and some prefer to listen to their books in audio format which is why we've teamed up with to give you a FREE AUDIOBOOK, with over 60,000 titles to choose from we are more than confident you will want to start sinking your teeth into some exciting and educational reads. 



If you are reading this and you still haven't heard of our podcast, here's your opportunity! (Avail. Soon) Ten More Minutes Mom! is a weekly, ALWAYS more than ten minute (I'll explain that in the show) podcast that focuses on everything Speech and Debate. Sometimes there will be interviews, Q&A's, or just plain fun. Give us a listen!



If you haven't, check it out here, this is indeed for a student that is wishing to learn more about ways to become a better Forensicator both on and off the stage. This blog isn't just for students though, parents and teachers should also find a great deal of resources that they may wish to pass along to their children. Our blog will cover resources, reviews, and just plain fun that I honestly wish someone would have told me 10 years ago.



We are always hosting events and we hope to see you there! Maybe we aren't in your area yet, that's fine we have online events too! Check out our online community (Avail. Soon) if you're looking for a better way to connect with individuals that are also passionate about Speech and Debate.